Toei Spiderman – The Complete Batch

So where to begin, huh?

You might be wondering what this batch is and why it took so long.  Well, sit back, grab something to drink, because this is going to be a long post full of twists and turns.

I, admittedly, was slacking on the show for a while, but at some point I felt the urge to get back to work on this.  I decided from very early on “I’m just going to release the remaining episodes in one large batch since it’s been so long.”  Everything was splendid, until I hit an unexpected roadblock.

The tail end of episode 34, as well as the entirety of episode 35 had video errors.  This caused the audio and the visual tracks to become more and more desynced over time.  Episode 34 wasn’t too bad, but episode 35 was unwatchable.  Plain and simple.  I hoped this was an issue with the audio track and I could resync it manually, but to no avail.  The issue was with the video, potentially caused by errors encountered by the program used during the ripping or encoding process.

I was honestly at a loss of what to do.  The raws I used were from years ago, with the uploader being anonymous.  I contacted others in the subbing community to see if they had the discs or would be able to make raws, and I struck out there too.

See, with the nebulous copyright of this show, there are very few ways to watch it.  I can’t rip it from the TTFC app since it’s not on there, and the only DVD set (the ones the raws came from) was extremely expensive (thousands of dollars) probably due to being out of print.  My determination, my ambition, to get the show done was starting to sink.

But this is when I got lucky.  I mentioned my issues to some others on a certain Discord server, and one of the users (DigitMZ) managed to come to my aid.  It’s thanks to him this batch exists at all, at the very least in the way that it exists.

I had overlooked on Nyaa that someone earlier this year had uploaded the ISOs to the DVDs.  I’m more used to looking at Blu-ray ISOs and did not realize that the ISO names corresponded with the discs.  With them, I could extract and reencode to create new raws for the episodes.  So that’s what I did. I put in my settings, and created new raws for 34 and 35.  And that’s when I made a discovery.

My raws ended up being just that much better looking than the raws I used earlier.

It’s not by a crazy amount, but the video is noticeably more crisp, with less of the good film grain being smoothed away.  I felt it worth to do this with the entire series, meaning that all of the episodes, the movie, and the special released today are using these even better raws.  Don’t worry, I made sure to go back and edit the scripts to make sure they fit.

So what’s included in this batch?  Not just the remaining nine episodes, but all of them plus all of the previous Spiderman releases on new, crisper raws.  Not to toot my own horn too much, but this is IMO the best this show has ever looked, and probably will ever look given the unlikeliness of an HD rerelease (though with Spiderverse 2 coming out, anything’s possible.)

ALSO included in this batch is an interview done with Stan Lee regarding this show that was included as a special feature on the DVD set.  There’s one softsub version that has two subtitle tracks, one just for text and the odd bit of Japanese (enabled by default), and the other as a full set of captions, English and all.  Obviously I can’t put both in one hardsub file, so they’re marked “simple” and “full” respectively.  It’s a very nice interview; Stan Lee was a good man, may he rest in peace.

So, yeah, this batch is pretty massive. Enjoy some final notes…

  • One of the few major changes made in the previous episodes is that I decided to change one line of the ending theme.  While the ending theme does mean either, I feel this translation better fits the melancholy theme.
  • While “kitsune” does mean fox, it also refers to a type of yokai spirit that’s a shape-shifting fox, meaning the name of the Machine BEM is also at least a little mystical in nature.
  • “CQ” is radio code for saying you want any others on that frequency to respond.  It’s like a call saying you wish to speak to someone, anyone.
  • Dr. Miracle is played by Mitchi Love, who you might recognize as Karen in JAKQ.
  • One of the kids in episode 36 keeps repeating “goyou da!”  It’s hard for me to translate into English as it basically is the boy asking for submission, in that to him his detective squad upholds a certain rank or authority, so others must submit.  It’s such a short phrase, so I translated it as “Bow before us!” to maintain the idea of him acting high-and-mighty while asking for others to submit before them.  I think it gets the idea across best.
  • Great King Enma as a figure is not actually one of evil in Japanese mythology.  Rather, he is the judge of the dead, seeing who deserves to go into Hell, which he rules over.  Like Santa, he keeps a list of the good and bad deeds of people and judges based on that.
  • Botulism bacteria are real things that can be found in areas with little oxygen.  They can infect you through cuts, and is known to be fatal.  Fun.
  • Episode 39 is really interesting because the version used in the old subs is, in fact, edited and cut.  See, the episode contains flashes of the manji symbol, also known as a swastika.  It’s being used as the old, more positive connotation here, but it’s not a big factor in the plot, so the old version actually cuts out an instance, it edits the video to hide the symbol, and it mistranslates a line intentionally because that line refers back to the symbol.  So my version of episode 39 can in fact be called an uncut version!
  • A character in episode 39 is referred to as being “5th dan” in kendo.  He would have at least a decade of practice.

That’s it!  Get to the Pastebin and enjoy!  Remember to change SSKR to  I have a standalone release I want to do.  Discussion of the future will take place after that release is out.  Thank you.

Battle Fever J (Now in HD!) Episodes 39-52

One last batch for the road!  It’s the team’s final tangos with Secret Society Egos.  Who will prevail?  If you’ve been following my releases, you probably know already.  But, hey, at least this time you get to see it in high definition!

The links have now been posted on the Battle Fever J Pastebin doc for these episodes.  Like before, simply replace SSKR with the site link mega(.)nz without the parentheses.

I’m glad these versions were able to be got as they simply look fantastic, even if there’s weird blurring in places.  Oh well.

If you haven’t been following my Twitter for updates, do know Spiderman is on the way, but the behind-the-scenes details have been a roller coaster.  We’ll get to that when we get to that post, but it’s coming.

‘Til next time!

Battle Fever J (Now in HD!) Episodes 25-38

More HD Battle Fever for you all.  The summer episodes, the shakeups, they’re all here.  I like how much the show develops the side characters in this show beyond the main team.  Even someone like Tomoko who would be relegated to a couple lines in another show gets two episodes here where she gets the ball rolling on the plots.  Maria’s here now, and that itself is reason enough to celebrate.

Please remember that you need to change the links in the Pastebin doc.  You need to replace the SSKR in them with “mega . nz” without the spaces.  Just an added bit of security.

The new links are on the BFJ PB doc now!  You can find them here!

More Spiderman coming soon!

A Game-Changing Update for Berndadelta Subs

So if it wasn’t obvious already, the amount of copyright strikes has increased a lot for me since the start of the year.  It used to be I’d have to reupload stuff about once a year or so, but it’s gotten to the point where I actually can’t keep anything available for any length of time.

I can’t keep going on like this.  I don’t like it, and I don’t think you like it.

In the interest of keeping all of my releases easily available and making less work for myself, I’ll be changing the way I put out releases.  From now on, I won’t be directly linking my releases like I’ve done in the past, but rather do like I did with the Pocket Universe Collection and link to a Pastebin doc that has a link inside there, removing the site name to make it that much harder for bots.  I’m pretty sure that’s the reason stuff gets taken down so quick, the links get automatically flagged.

Throughout all of this, the PUC has remained untouched, so I have faith this will work out alright.

I currently only have softsubs up.  Links to the Pastebin docs can be found on the respective series’ pages.  Hardsubs will be going up throughout the next week, but I didn’t want to delay any longer in stopping my site from being an empty shell. 

Toei Spiderman doesn’t have a series page yet, so you can use this page to get Spiderman right here:

[Toei Spiderman Link]

Thank you for your understanding, and thank you all for your support throughout the years.  I’ll see you all again real soon.

EDIT: For those confused, just replace the “SSKR” in the link with “mega . nz” without the spaces.  The links work, I promise.

Battle Fever J (Now in HD!) Episodes 13-24

You want it, you got it.  More Battle Fever in glorious HD coming at you!  This batch introduces some new ladies, the strong and cunning Salomé, and the also strong and no-less cunning Nagisa Maria.  Both are fantastic characters, and I think both add a lot to the show (no offense to Diane).

Same as last batch regarding this one.  Just an updated rerelease with some super minor changes to the subs to make it fit on the new raws.  Regarding stuff being taken down, it is annoying how it’s happening more often.  Might have to make some changes in the future, but I still haven’t decided 100% what exactly to do.

In the meantime, here’s the episodes for this batch.

[Battle Fever J HD Episodes 13-24 SOFTSUBBED]

[Battle Fever J HD Episodes 13-24 HARDSUBBED]

I hope you all are having a good summer, and I’ll see you next time!

Toei Spiderman Episodes 30-32

In this batch, Spiderman is betrayed by that which he tries to protect… justice.  What happens when the law turns on him?  As Spiderman meets more people with lost loved ones like him, will he be able to figure out the Iron Cross Army’s sneaky plots to sow chaos?

Yeah, it’s another Spiderman batch.  Things definitely got delayed a little due to the show having to share translation time with HadoGumi now, but both shows are great so I’m happy to do it.  Just only so many hours in the day.  At least there’s only two more batches left, so not that much longer (hurray for shortened show lengths).

Notes!  What are they good for?

  • Why yes, that is a Hiroshi Miyauchi cameo, coming off of his appearances as Zubat and Big One.  His cowboy-styled outfit is presumably a callback to Zubat, as the design is quite similar.
  • Amazoness is about to go to her final style of the show, where she returns to black hair… but still in a wig.  She sports it in episode 31 but not episode 32 (where she still has her red one), which makes me think these episodes might’ve aired in a different order than what was filmed, though I am only speculating on this.
  • TDI stands for “toluene diisocyanate”.  Toluene is what gives that “high, psychedelic” feeling, though this version is toxic and will kill in a high enough dose.
  • I didn’t feel the need to subtitle it in the episode, but the name of the disco seen in episode 32 is “Soul Train.”  You can see a sign with the name written in romaji while Takuya starts to wait as the employee goes to get Kyoko.
  • For those that don’t know the term, a “sweet nothing” is something said usually between those in love, in a whisper.  The words are kind, but they’re more said in the heat of the moment, rather than actually having a huge meaningful purpose behind them, hence the term.  Felt it a good choice for translation, given there’s no actual kind feelings behind Amazoness’ charade.

And finally, the episodes:

Toei Spiderman Episode 30: [SOFT] [HARD] [SCRIPT]

Toei Spiderman Episode 31: [SOFT] [HARD] [SCRIPT]

Toei Spiderman Episode 32: [SOFT] [HARD] [SCRIPT]


Keep an eye on Bistrot Jurer too for whenever we finish up the first batch of HadoGumi.  You won’t want to miss it!

Battle Fever J (Now in HD!) Episodes 1-12

So I initially planned not to release these until the whole show was out because who honestly wants another Battle Fever J release from me?  However, I got so excited with how good the episodes looked and I figured six months was a bit too long of a wait.  They’re instead going to be released in four total batches as they come out.

Now, you might be wondering “What is this?”  Well, Toei has been airing episodes of classic Sentai on Toei Channel and when they got to Battle Fever J, they felt the series was worth remastering (JAKQ wasn’t given one RIP).  If you’ve grabbed the HD movie release I put out a while back, it’s like that.  The series looks pretty darn good overall.  There’s a bit of weird blurring at times, most notably when they Jet On, but it’s not enough of a detractor to really hurt this release.

As for the subs, they’ve barely been touched.  Just retimes on text to make sure everything synced correctly.  This is intended to be an easy release while I focus on Spiderman here and HadoGumi over at Bistrot Jurer.  A full folder of the episodes will be added to the main Battle Fever J page once the whole show is out.  I will not be replacing the DVD versions of the show with these versions; both versions will be available.

[Battle Fever J HD Episodes 1-12 SOFTSUBBED]

[Battle Fever J HD Episodes 1-12 HARDSUBBED]


Batten Robomaru is Now Fully Subbed! Go Watch It!

So if you haven’t been paying attention to either my Twitter or Metallic Fansubs’ site, I’ve been helping QC the releases at Bistot Jurer for the Robomaru releases.  And now we’ve finally completed it!  If you still don’t know what Batten Robomaru is, well, you’re in for a treat.

Robomaru is the second installment of the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series, and features the titular character Robomaru crash-landing on Earth, specifically Karinto New Town.  Karinto New Town is a little town that features not just humans, but also robots, and even a dinosaur.  Robomaru is from the far away planet Manmaru, and he considers himself an ally of justice, and as such wants to help Karinto New Town with the odd problem.  However, there’s a catch.  Robomaru himself is a menace to himself and others all around the town, as most of the problems of Karinto New Town seem to stem from him.  Hijinks ensue.

Written by Yoshio Urasawa (you might recognize him as the head writer for Gekisou Sentai Carranger), the series has an absolutely bizarre sense of humor that has to be seen to be believed.  You think Robomaru is going somewhere with a joke and the series absolutely takes that joke and goes to 11 with it.  There’s an episode where Robomaru tries to make a singing flower into an influencer.  There’s an episode where Robomaru rewrites history.  There’s an episode where Robomaru picks a fight with God and has God begging for his forgiveness by the end.  And all of the characters are no less zany and memorable.  Robomaru is damn near a must-watch show that has to be seen to be believed.

So, please, if you’re interested in older toku at all and want to see this gem that’s gone under the radar for far too long, go check out Bistrot Jurer.  We just released the final batch of the show, including a bunch of v2s, so now’s your opportunity to see a full Toei Fushigi Comedy Series subtitled in English… for the first time probably in history.  Now that’s exciting.

Big thank yous to Azurillkirby for being project head (that got us together) and timer, and Bluephlash (who you probably better know as Metallic Fansubs) for being the main translator.

Toei Spiderman Episodes 26-29 + Show Folder

Ha-ha!  I swore I would get the next batch out this month and so it shall come to pass!  Got another healthy dose of the web-slinging superhero back for you all to enjoy.  Yes, I’m aware of what’s down.  Currently in the process of getting everything back up again.  Gimme a couple days.  No longer the case.  Everything should be back up, fam.

In the meantime, why don’t you come, settle down, and watch as Spiderman fends off his greatest foe yet, depression!  With the battles seemingly never-ending, is there actually a point to fighting?  When each day blends into the next, what’s the purpose of carrying on?  And for those of you who want a… less heavy topic, we have our good ol’ toku trope “the kids’ detective club” as well as a SECOND “dog” episode.  Same results as last time regarding this dog, but fair warning the episode does show the dog injured, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, might wanna stick clear of episode 27.


  • This batch has not one, but two of the more well-known gifs from the show.  Talk about utility!
  • Junichi’s girlfriend in episode 26 is played by Niwa Reiko, who actually got decently big in the 70s and 80s, with a number of different credits, including roles in Kamen Rider X and Kikaider 01.
  • Speaking of cameos, we get another one in episode 28 with Mr. Hirano, played by Satou Seiya, who cameos in a lot of 70s and early 80s toku (including Battle Fever J!)

Episodes can be found here…

Toei Spiderman Episode 26: [SOFT] [HARD] [SCRIPT]

Toei Spiderman Episode 27: [SOFT] [HARD] [SCRIPT]

Toei Spiderman Episode 28: [SOFT] [HARD] [SCRIPT]

Toei Spiderman Episode 29: [SOFT] [HARD] [SCRIPT]

…Or in the full show folder, where you can find all of the episodes up until this point so you don’t have to hunt!






Toei Spiderman Episodes 23-25

And so we’re finally back to our good-old web-slinging superhero Mr. Yamashiro Takuya himself!  I know it’s been a while, but hopefully the Pocket Universe Collection and Kiramager specials were enough to tide you over until now.  Hopefully I can get a batch out quickly for once before this is all over…

Still though, a couple fun episodes here.  Well, fun in Spiderman terms, which is to say heart-wrenching.  Less of the supporting cast now, but at least they make the most of the brief time they have.  Takuya better be careful because a potential romantic rival is on the scene… and he’s loaded!  Stay off the slots and check for cockroaches, because Leopardon has gotten so strong it doesn’t even need more than one attack now!  Speaking of…

My notes!

  • You might be saying to yourself by this point “Man, they’re really getting lazy with the Leopardon fights.  What gives?”  Well, rumor has it that partway through the show… they either lost the costume or it was outright stolen from them.  Rather than make another one, they had to make do with the little stock footage they had already filmed of it.  So, yeah, the mecha fights not exactly the strong suit of this show.
  • The grandfather in episode 25 is played by Tatara Jun, most known for playing Barza in Zyuranger, but also played the owner of the Avalon Riding Club in Gavan, as well as a one-shot villain in Jiraiya.

Episodes can be found here:

Toei Spiderman Episode 23: [SOFT] [HARD] [SCRIPT]

Toei Spiderman Episode 24: [SOFT] [HARD] [SCRIPT]

Toei Spiderman Episode 25: [SOFT] [HARD] [SCRIPT]

Planning on making a large batch folder soon for people just coming into this show.