Battle Fever J Episodes 42-45

Hey guys, it’s ya boy back again with another Battle Fever J batch.  Getting near the end, huh?  Some great episodes in this one (including an actually interesting mecha fight), but without further ado some quick translator notes:

First, in episode 42, the sister speaks really, really fast in the hospital scene.  I think I got most of it, and I went by future events in the episode.  Also, in that episode… Yes, I know current is measured in amps, not volts.  But Hedder is saying volts, so… I guess he’s measuring the output, not the input?

Then in episode 44, I decided to call the leader of the Tsukikage Clan the “elder” of the Tsukikage Clan.  Even though he’s not an old man, he’s older than most of them, who see him in a father-like role.  I thought it fit.

Speaking of the Tsukikage Clan, “Tsukikage Clan” is being left as “Tsukikage Clan” and not translated, since “Tsukikage” is a name, which I prefer to leave untranslated.

And finally, still in that same episode, they mention the Heikie and the Iga Ninjas.  You can read more about the Heikie here and about the Iga Ninjas here.

That should be it.  Any questions, please comment.  Thank you for watching, and enjoy!

Battle Fever J Episode 42

Battle Fever J Episode 43

Battle Fever J Episode 44

Battle Fever J Episode 45


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